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PC Software


I spent most of the 90s employed as a software engineer and the 80s as an embedded engineer doing both software and hardware.

Most PC-based applications I've written have been in VB6 and I've been resisting the call to change to VB.NET, mostly because a few years ago I wrote half an application in VB.NET 2003 and I was not very impressed, it seemed at the time that VB.NET was not a mature product, I found it difficult to use and I confess to struggling with the language.

That was then, and this is now.

I recently decided to try VB.NET again, this time using 2008 and I am now a full convert. It's still way too bloated for the applications I will write but I prefer to think of it as VB6 with lots more features. Also it's now a real object oriented language, unlike the OO kludge that VB6 was.





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